Acupuncture Chinese Herbs Food Therapy Osteopathy Hospice Care

Holly Johnson brings an integrative sensibility to her treatment of dogs and cats. She has been a veterinarian since 1992 and began practicing Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine in 1997. Today she blends her 17 years of Western medicine experience, with acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, food therapy and osteopathy to address underlying reasons for illness and chart a course for the most vibrant health.

As a licensed veterinarian and within the scope of her TCVM practice, Holly has the ability to order lab tests, (including bloodwork, urinalysis, titers for parvo/distemper and rabies), or can refer a client back to their primary veterinarian for additional diagnostics.  Central to her approach, Holly educates pet owners about the range of available modalities and treatment approaches for their animals care. Holly collaborates with a clients primary veterinarian and referral specialists to achieve the most thoughtful diagnosis and treatment protocols for your pets wellbeing.